A Complete Suite Of Business-Class Services


The powerful broadband solutions that run Fortune 1000 companies aren’t just for enterprises anymore. Get the HughesNet advantage for your business, with the simplicity and affordability you need.

Connectivity anywhere, anytime—that’s what you get from HUGHES. We offer a suite of business-class HughesNet® solutions tailored to meet your business broadband needs, whether it’s for a single site or multiple locations. There’s no need to settle for slow dial-up or expensive leased-line T1 access. HughesNet reaches your business, even when DSL and cable Internet don’t.

Put HughesNet to work, and see how the right connectivity solution can make all the difference to your success.

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    Business Internet

    Get the broadband Internet access your business needs to grow; Hughes broadband delivers!

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    Emergency Services

    When a disaster strikes and your broadband connection is lost, HughesNet can get your mission-critical applications back online—fast!

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    Private Networks

    Connect all your locations securely, anywhere nationwide, with your own Private Network from Hughes.

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    Broadband Backup

    Protect your business against network disruptions, even when your landline goes down.